Your Body is Whispering, Are You Listening

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Your Body is Whispering, Are You Listening.
1st in a Quarterly Health Series.
Corporate women are juggling a lot of hats. They are providing 100% at work. Early morning meetings, late night meetings. In many cases working harder to keep up with their male counterparts. And then heading home to start their second job in between all of their work requirements running kids to activities, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, doing what is necessary to raise their children, supporting their family and running their household. And at the end of the day, there is no time left to dedicate to what they might need to reduce the stress of their lives. And the stress builds and builds, resulting in symptoms that get ignored until they can’t be ignored anymore because they are truly sick.
They spend years in the medical community trying to find answers without a lot of success.
The #1 autoimmune disease is now estimated at over 30M people. 80% of those 30M are women and there is a reason for that. They don’t make themselves a priority when it comes to their health and stress is a big player.
We have an epidemic on our hands when it comes to chronic illness and autoimmune disease and it starts in the whispers from our bodies that we ignore. Wouldn’t it be amazing if women understood the effects of stress and could be proactive in the way they approached their health? Realizing that by putting themselves as their biggest priority, they would be able to have it all and live an amazingly healthy life.
The reality is if women just paid a little more attention, and better yet made their health a priority in the right way, they could avoid the epidemic that so many are struggling. And the way to avoid being a statistic is simple. Not always easy because it takes commitment, but it is simple. If this message is spread to more and more women, and they understand, we can teach our children what is needed to avoid this epidemic. We can change the cycle and make an impact for generations.