Young Living Essential Oils & Supplements

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This is not a library sponsored event.


Do you want to know what is the deal with Essential Oils? Do you know about oils but don't know how to use them easily, effortlessly, and efficiently in every day life?! Come to this class and discover the best oils on the planet and how to use them!! Be amazed by the easy to understand science behind and the power of Essential Oils and all the amazing things they do and why they work so well!! Yes they really do work!! Come listen to personal stories about the benefits and positive effects of Young Living Essential Oils & Supplements on mind, body, and soul.

Also discover all the other amazingly natural and safe Young Living products made without harsh chemicals or synthetics, such as protein powders, stabilizers and other supplements, Thieves household cleaner, and our new all natural, plant-based whitening toothpaste!! So bring a friend (or two!) and come get Oily!!

*Everyone who attends this free class will receive a free gift!!

Call or Text Jonathan: 719-232-4037 for more info!