PauseYourLife Meetup

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This is not a library sponsored event.


To provide opportunities for individuals to step away from the pressures of day-to-day living, enter an atmosphere of total acceptance, release all of their worldly stress, connect more strongly with their higher Self, and re-enter their lives energized and refreshed.

Is it high time you pressed the “pause button” and took a break from the rat race? Hundreds of people across the country absolutely LOVE our monthly meetings.

This meetup you will:
• Consciously DROP the unwanted baggage you carry around (and deposit it into our famous Universe Box)
• Exist as your true Self without any roles or titles
• Benefit from the atmosphere of total acceptance that we create
We will also do a bit of meditation and have group discussion on a chosen topic.
We hope to meet you here. Malar & Chris Curran