Zoom In: Developing Your Photographic Eye, Pt. 1

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Age Group: Teens, Adults, Seniors
Registration for this event is no longer open.
Allowed Ages: 16 and up


Explore the art of manual photography with this four-part series. Come to all four classes to dive deep into the craft, or pick and choose which classes will be best for you. This will be a hands-on learning experience, so come prepared to take and edit some photos!

August 6: Part 1 - Fundamentals of Photography
In this week's class, Markus Kolozsy will discuss how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed ("the exposure triangle") affect the way light enters the camera lens. This class will be both theoretical and hands-on, exploring how to make the most out of a camera with manual settings. 

August 13: Part 2 - Indoor Settings & Composition
August 20: Part 3 - Outdoor Settings & Composition
August 27: Part 4 - Editing with GIMP

Some knowledge of manual photography is helpful. Please bring your own camera with manual settings to get the most out of these classes. If you aren't familiar with your own camera, learning how to adjust the settings beforehand will be helpful -- just do a Google or YouTube search for your specific camera model and watch or read some tutorials - happy learning! 

Registration is separate for each class topic. If you would like to attend all four classes, register for each class linked above individually.