METALSHOP-Copper Soldering Class

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This is not a library sponsored event.


Class Description: In this FREE class, learners will have a hands-on introductory experience of soldering copper pipes together in a plumbing context by a master plumber. No previous experience is required. Class time is two hours. 

Learning Outcome: Understand how to solder copper pipes and attend more advanced plumbing classes in the future.

Teacher: Greg Young is a teacher with the nonprofit vocational school, BEATSchool, Inc. Greg has been a plumber for over 20 years and has been a master, licensed plumber since 2007. Mr. Young started his own plumbing business, Schnibble Services, in 2008. Greg specializes in boilers and gas line installation and plumbing applications, mainly for residential customers in the Pikes Peak region. Mr. Young is married to Jennifer Young, the founder, and director of BEATSchool (a nonprofit vocational school for adults), and lives in Colorado Springs with her and their two sons. Greg is quite handy and enjoys making things with his hands!

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