The Long Run: Envisioning Goals and Strategies for Winning

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This is not a library sponsored event.


Social movements aspire to make change. But what does that change look like and how do we get there? The Civil Rights Movement effectively changed local and national laws but also challenged a culture. The Arab Spring toppled regimes across an entire region. How and why were movements like these so effective? What tools did they use to affect such sweeping change? Did they have any shortcomings? What can we learn from them at a different time, in a different place? This workshop will focus on envisioning goals from the mundane to the revolutionary, implementing strategies to reach those goals and identifying effective tactics that have been used by successful activists around the world. We will also discuss how groups can frame issues to communicate and mobilize outside of their own group or network. The “Long Run” discusses how to escalate campaigns to leverage power with limited resources while also considering that successful movements must be adaptive and prepared to engage in lengthy processes. The workshop will be led by Jared Benson and Jon Christiansen, who have both taught these topics in the classroom and implemented them in the streets.