A Knight at the Theater

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Event Type: Community Public
Age Group: All


A Knight at the Theater is a celebration of performance art in all it’s many forms.

Theaters Include:

Springs Ensemble Theater

Dragon Theater—performing a piece from “The Color Play.”

Funky Little Theater—performing excerpts from The Vagina Monologues.

THEATREdART—performing the piece, “Important Things,” by Brian Mann

Star Bar—performing “There’s Always Room On Top” and “Dale Kale and the Holy Grail” by Richard Sebastian Coleman.

Just Like That Entertainment—performing the musical number “Suddenly” from their upcoming production of Xanadu.


Hosted by Johnny Bartlett and Jake Zindorf from Unsupervised Improv


Stand-up comedians—Megan Jean, Andrew Ingram



“The Hystericals”—by Josh Boehnke

“Serves One”—by Taylor Geiman



Adventures of the Mind—debuting their new show, “Extreme Laser Chaos.”