Career Jump Start

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Age Group: Adults
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You’ve got the job and now you want to excel and advance. Maybe you’re new and you want a fast start, or maybe you’ve been around a while and things aren’t progressing the way you had hoped. You want to be on the fast track to challenging assignments and increased responsibilities and you certainly want to avoid the career slow lane.


In this class, you will learn why so many talented people struggle to get their careers moving forward. You’ll see why the tactics that make you stand out from the crowd in school can actually prevent you from succeeding in your career. You’ll also learn practical steps you can take that will accelerate your path toward success while avoiding the traps that frustrate many others.


The course is taught by Bruce Sadeik who has extensive experience coaching early-career professionals. His career as an engineer and engineering manager for a Fortune 500 company included seven years managing a leadership development program for early-career high-potential employees. He has worked with hundreds of young people to help them identify and overcome the career growth challenges they face.