TEXTILES-How to Use a Spindle Wheel

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spindle wheel

Who is this class for:

This class is for MAC members aged 18+

This class is for spinners that are interested in learning to use a Spindle Wheel similar to the Great Wheels that were seen on the porches of farm houses on the Great Plains.

Come learn how to use our Spindle Wheels and other wheels with spindle attachments as well as a book charka.

Teacher: Betsy Wintermute

Betsy started her exploration of spinning at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, TX in 1981 in a wheel spinning class taught by Doris Glenn. By then end of the 6 week class she had purchased her first spinning wheel. In the years since Betsy has share spinning with both adults and children and has studied with spinners across the country including Rita Buchannan, Ed Franquemont and Joanne Ruane. She has expanded her knowledge to include a variety of forms of spindle spinning and how to spin a vast array of fibers from both animals and plants. The learning continues.

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