Align Your Brand with Purpose, Part 1

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Age Group: Teens, Adults, Seniors
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Allowed Ages: 16 and up


* Please register for each class in this series separately* 

What makes your company, your organization, your product, or even you yourself unique? No matter who you are, you have a brand -- your personal brand is your reputation. You may also have a different brand for your business and/or your artistic creations. This series will focus on techniques and language that will help you clarify your brand from the ground up by making it more effective, simple, and memorable.

Part 1. Body of Your Brand: In the first part of this series, attendees will learn the concept of a brand identity system while focusing on design and values. The class will go over how to create an authentic avatar for yourself or your company. Brands are like people -- they have a heart, a mind, and a full body. What is the body of your brand? 

Part 2. Intro to Design Language

Part 3: Optimize Your Client Experience

Part 4: Clarify Your Message